Is debt holding you back?

According to a government survey a large percentage of adults are delaying traditional life such as marriage or a car purchase due to personal debt.

The largest group hit were people still paying off their student loans, while the amount of adults either forced back to the family home or still living with their families has also grown, the average age of the first time buyer is now 31 compared to 28 in 1995.

One of the biggest reasons debt is problematic is due to the fact that it sucks away your financial and emotional resources. When debt is hanging over you, it makes it difficult to concentrate on anything else but debt. This can sometimes lead to what is referred to as a vicious cycle of debt, when instead of going forward, it feels as if you are actually sinking.

Managing your debt without it hindering upon your life choices can be as simple as consolidating into one low interest loan, or if possible a zero interest credit card (but keep your eye on any zero interest promotional period) That way, moving forward in life can start to feel like a very real and possible reality.